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Tribeč Museum in Topoľčany

Category: Museums, galleries

Not far from picturesque ruin of Topoľčany Castle in the valley of river Nitra there lies the county town of Topoľčany, distinguished by rich cultural-social life. Among institutions, that greatly contribute to realization of cultural activities in town, is undoubtedly also Tribeč Museum in Topoľčany.

Museum has a seat in partially reconstructed building of former royal district court, built in 1895. Building was rebuilt eight years later also for purposes of prison according to the project of two architects from Budapest. In the region this object as representative of eclectic architecture presents a unique type with specific focus, and from functional and historical point of view it has importance for whole Slovakia. For its architectural, urban and historical values it was declared a national cultural monument.

Already when entering the building, bygone eras will talk to you. Return to the past is intensified not only by looking at interesting architectonical elements (ceiling with groin vault, lateral pilasters, stairway with spindle fence and balustrades and others), but also by ancient objects (Roman baptistry or historical furniture), situated in entrance communication area. Also the piece of nature is squeezed into museum’s area, presented by diverse exhibits representing flora and fauna of the Region of Central Ponitrie. Exposition of natural history contains undoubtedly unique objects of paleontologic collection that can be seen only in our museum. Very attractive for their dimensions and majesty are two findings of fossil remains of Tertiary proboscidea – „mastodon“ (age of sediments in place of discovery is around 5-6 millions years ago). It is exceptionally well extant jawbone with teeth (locality of Biskupová) and almost complete skull with impressive tusks reaching length of around 3370 mm (locality of Kuzmice). Given findings are unique in Slovakia, but also on European scale they belong to the scientifically most precious mastodon’s fossils. Discovery of skull in 1960 in currently almost defunct sand quarry is important also because of the fact that it has contributed to establishment of museum in Topoľčany.

Collections fund of Tribeč Museum contains almost 81.600 pcs. of objects documenting nature and society of Region of Topoľčany and history of beer industry in Slovakia. You can see their single thematic collections one by one at short-term expositions and presentational events with creative workshops or within various educational programmes. In case of interest available are also library, with rich fund of specialised literature, museum’s photo archive, professional consulting, and you can also buy publications from museum’s publishing activity.