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Štiavnica Mountains

Category: Country beauties (places of interest)

Štiavnica Mountains is the biggets mountain of volcanic origin in Slovakia. They belong to the area of Slovak Central Mountains of Internal Western Carpathians. They consist predominantly of andesites, rhyolites and pyroclastic rocks. Formation of indented mountain relief was caused by uneven lifting of single plates and by intensive erosion and denudation. Conspicuous forms with steep hillsides are bonding with lava currents and volcanic rocks.

The major part of territory belongs to warm temperate climate zone and creates watershed of Hron and Ipeľ. Characteristic trait of Štiavnica Mountains are numerous ponds created artificially, because of the need of mining industry. Štiavnica Mountains were recognized as a protected area in 1979.

Source text: Tourist map Štiavnické vrchy - VKÚ Harmanec,
Source photo: Otakar Brandos