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AQUAMARIN - Podhájska

Category: Wellness and spa

District of Nové Zámky, Municipality of Podhájska

Thermal swimming pool Podhájska, situated in the south of Slovakia close to Nové Zámky, provides visitors possibility of relax and recreation both in summer and winter period. Swimming pool visitors are not only Slovaks, but also tourists from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and other countries. Visitors can use nine pools and a water slide during summer season.

Water from Slovak „Dead Sea“ in Podhájska is broadly known. It is in the south of Slovakia few kilometres from Nové Zámky. It is absolutely unique with its beneficial effects on all human organism. Half million of people visit a swimming pool annually, so it is the most frequented attraction of the Nitra Self-governing Region. The spring came to the surface for the first time in 1973 from depth of 1900 metres and to these days it has temperature of 80 degrees. Thermal water is salty, with healing effects on all the body.

Nowadays, swimming pool in Podhájska is a modern complex with quality services that is in operation during all year. The area is proud of wellness centre AQUAMARIN with nine pools and a vital world. Temperature of water in pools reaches 39 degrees. The real experience in the vital world is a tropical bath. It is a 5 metres long tunnel with massage water nozzles and showers that perform together as a tropical rain, fine rain and fog. Light effects are completing feeling of relaxation. Swimming pool has become a popular attraction for people with active lifestyle.


Monday: 13.00 - 21.00
Tuesday- Sunday: 9.00 - 21.00

Thermal swimming pool Podhájska
493 Podhájska, 941 48
Wellness centre: tel.:+421 35 6586 240 , +421 918 708 742