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Renaissance chateau of aristocratic family of Apponyi from the 17th century was after reconstruction transformed in luxurious hotel with the famous Baroque library of this ancient dynasty. In unique hotel complex you can find magnanimous halls, 34 stylish rooms and 7 spacious and luxuriously furnished suites.

Rich aristocratic count Grassalkovich was adviser of Hungarian Chamber and guard of crown jewels. Hunyadis bought porperties exactly from count Grassalkovich. Probably it was count Imrich Hunyadi who commissioned construction of Baroque manor house in Mojmírovce (in the past Urmín) nearby Nitra in the 18th century.

The building is registered in central register of cultural monuments. It is a two-storey Baroque-Classicist building with two wings oriented into original park - only small part persisted to these days.

Renaissance fortified manor house was built in the second half of the 16th century as anti-Turkish Renaissance fortress. It has four corner round bastions and the entrance under the smaller tower.

Oponice’s area does not stand out, the village is „crouching“ under western foothills of majestic Tribeč Mountains. Economic, cultural and social life of the village was strongly influenced by the dynasty that „has dropped the anchor“ here in 1392. It was Hungarian „Peech“ family who got Oponice in exchange for Bernolákovo and when its members saw majestic walls of the castle at the end of the 14th century and beautiful nature around, they had decided to change their predicate from Peech to Apponyi (Appony was Hungarian form of name of the village of Oponice that already existed at that time). It is a unique phenomenon in the history!