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Apponyi library in Oponice was born thanks to unaffected love for book. It was established in Vienna by patron and count of Oponice ANTON GEORG APPONYI (1751-1817). He had loved books and collected them for all his life. Apponyi collected during his life more than 30.000 precious books - for comparison today there is only half of them in library, about 15.000… The library had more than 400 incunabula at the end of the 18th century! Very precious was work of „Prudentii Aurelii Opera“ written on parchment from the 9th century, Dante’s „Allighieri comedia col comento“ with engravings of Sandro Botticelli or famous Bible from Johannes Gutenberg from 1435 that are nowadays considered to be the absolute gems of European librarianship… That was the library in the glory of its period.

It is one of the oldest museum institutions in Slovakia, it was established in 1886. The part of its extensive collection fund (more than 140.000 pieces of collection items) is currently presented in five buildings and eight permanent expositions.

In Nitra there are not only shopping galleries offering cheap goods and fugitive entertainment, but also one real gallery full of valuable visual arts - the Nitra Gallery. Nitra Gallery was established on 1 January 1965 and it has a seat in building of former County house you cannot miss on way to Nitra Castle. Professional, presenational and collection activity of gallery concentrates mainly on the art of the 20th and the 21st century. It does not have permanent expositions, but despite of this it offers in its five exhibition premises presentations of various character, where each art enthusiast will be satisfied.

It is a hipology exposition where „horse noblemen“ have four legs and exotic names - Maestoso or Shagya on old paintings. There are augers, bars from carriages and fillies on the wall. Rooms hide barouches, special harness for Russian troika in which also fairytale Mrázik used to ride, and even black wooden coupé of the president Masaryk.

Nové Zámky, town extended in the heart of Danube Lowland, once strategically important fortress and centre of anti-Turkish defence - is today one of the important cultural centres of the Nitra Region.

Atmosphere and distinctive identity of town is characterized by cultural legacy left by important natives, among which also artists have their peculiar representation, as for example Lajos Kassák, Otto Csicsátka, Lajos Luzsica, Gejza Kukán or Juraj Meliš.

Museum is from 1978 part of Agrokomplex exhibition centre. Slovak Agricultural Museum became scientific-research and documentary centre of development of agriculture and follow-up processing in Slovakia. .

Not far from picturesque ruin of Topoľčany Castle in the valley of river Nitra there lies the county town of Topoľčany, distinguished by rich cultural-social life. Among institutions, that greatly contribute to realization of cultural activities in town, is undoubtedly also Tribeč Museum in Topoľčany.

Grounds for establishment of town museum in Levice was private collection of postmaster of Vráble Jozef Nécsey who donated his extensive collection to town in 1927. Museum’s first seat was town hall, where the first exposition, so called Nécsey’s room, was opened. Collection of town’s museum was growing in the course of following years, stagnation and substantial damage were caused by the World War II. Museum was in 1958 moved to area of Levice Castle. The castle area, falling in disrepair, was in the second half of the 20th century used by various institutions and for various purposes and its look was changing accordingly.

Diocese Museum of Diocese of Nitra is situated in the centre of courtyard of the Nitra Castle. It is a first diocese museum in Slovakia. On 5 July 2007, on the holy day of Saints Cyril and Methodius its first part was opened after difficult preparation period - long-term exposition of literary relics closely connected with the beginnings of Christianity in our territory, it was named characteristically - The script tells its story. Museum is from 2008, when it was extended by treasury, designed as two parts. The second part of exposition is named Gems of St. Emmeram´s Cathedral, and there are exhibited mostly objects as liturgic instruments of cathedral, mainly ancient chalices and monstrances.

Fascinating location of town of Nitra with majestic Zobor in the north and proudly rising 1.000 years old castle with cathedral in the middle of the town is enchanting intent for Neo-Renaissance building of town hall, seat of the Nitra Museum at Nitra.

Missionary Museum of nations and cultures was created from objects brought by Slovak missionaries of Spoločnosť Božieho Slova, when they were coming home for holiday. Since they work on each continent, collections contain objects from all parts of the world. There are mainly objects of everyday need, used by simple people among which missionaries live. That is why you can find here exhibits that remind us of life of ancient periods. In collection there are also religious, decorative and ornamental objects, clothes and weapons. Missionaries got some exhibits as demonstration of gratitude for their service and contribution to development of the country where they work.