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Missionary Museum of nations and cultures was created from objects brought by Slovak missionaries of Spoločnosť Božieho Slova, when they were coming home for holiday. Since they work on each continent, collections contain objects from all parts of the world. There are mainly objects of everyday need, used by simple people among which missionaries live. That is why you can find here exhibits that remind us of life of ancient periods. In collection there are also religious, decorative and ornamental objects, clothes and weapons. Missionaries got some exhibits as demonstration of gratitude for their service and contribution to development of the country where they work.

The part of collection is formed by exhibits of cardinal Joseph Tomka. As a prefect of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith he visited many countries and he borrowed some of the objects he had received to our museum. Museum in Missionary House in Nitra was created approximately from 1925. In 1950, when the activity of Spoločnosť Božieho Slova was interrupted, negative fate affected also the museum. Many exhibits were lost or destroyed. Part of them returned back to Missionary House and on 15 August 1996 the museum was reopened. In last years, collections were more times extended and completed by new exhibits. The biggest extension came in 2008 when around 250 exhibits of animals, snakes, lizards and birds from all continents and the same amount of etnographic objects were added.

Missionary Museum is accessible to all social classes. It is visited mainly by students from Slovakia and from abroad.