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It is one of the oldest museum institutions in Slovakia, it was established in 1886. The part of its extensive collection fund (more than 140.000 pieces of collection items) is currently presented in five buildings and eight permanent expositions.

In the centre of town, in Cultural Palace, visitors can discover the most ancient history of region and town, noteworthy are Celtic, Roman and late-Avar archeological findings. At Roman hall there are exhibited various objects from period between the 2nd and the 4th century AC (ceramics, glass, bronze objects, construction elements) from Roman camps Brigetio and Kelemantia near Iža. In the Middle Ages town was an important commercial and craftsman centre, as attested by many guild relics. In final part of exposition there are presented typical water crafts (fishing, milling, prospecting for placer gold), visitors can also feast eyes on interior of clay farming house from 1871 built in Martovce.

Exposition in Zichy’s Palace near the town hall shows visitors history and development of town from the half of the 19th century until the end of World War II. In this building there is also another exposition dedicated to famous natives - writer Mór Jókai and music composer Franz Lehár.

Not far from cultural palace, near the Church of St. Andrew in the building of museum and library there is situated not only museum’s gallery, but also long-term exhibition of natural history with name „Nature of Danube Region“.

Museum’s Roman lapidarium is awaiting visitors in the southern part of town in the unique building - in bastion VI that forms part of huge fortification system in Komárno. From extensive Roman collection there are exhibited altar and grave stones, sarcophaguses and other stone sculptural relics.

The only extended exposition of the museum is Farming house from 1871 in Martovce with original furniture.