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It is a hipology exposition where „horse noblemen“ have four legs and exotic names - Maestoso or Shagya on old paintings. There are augers, bars from carriages and fillies on the wall. Rooms hide barouches, special harness for Russian troika in which also fairytale Mrázik used to ride, and even black wooden coupé of the president Masaryk.

Hipology exposition in Topoľčianky itself is little hidden. Almost everyone knows that in the village behind Zlaté Moravce there is a National stud farm that symbolically gave a horse as a present to British monarch. But several metres before it on the road from Nitra there is on the right another interesting building. It has a big horseshoe of Arabian horse on the facade. Tour starts with archive photographies and shows history of horse breeding not only in Topoľčianky. There are painted portraits of two horses on the wall - breeding stallions, that unwind a precious genealogy. Photos show also record performances of local charioteers. Yet in 1960s Ján Mihók hitched team of twelve Lipizzan mares. Record was broken by a real master of reins Miroslav Matuška who on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of establishment of National stud farm hitched 14 breeding Lipizzan stallions.
In wheelwright’s, blacksmith’s and saddler’s workshop many visitors can brush up their Slovak. In rooms there are many strange tools not used anymore. Same is true for specialised terms on boards. For example auger was kind of big hand drill, workbench is a big table on which wheelwright used to work.
Children’s seats were not produced only to be used on bicycle or in car. Special children’s saddles were produced upon order for the smallest riders. Only that child was sitting in them sidewise. It is revealed by extensive and varied collection of saddles and horse harnesses. There is shown also ladie’s saddle. Etiquette ruled also in ladie’s riding. In the past ladies couldn’t ride astride as men so ladie’s saddles were used in which it was a real art to control a four-legged companion. Your attention will be captured also by military carrying saddle for transport of heavy military equipment during the World War II. For example for crossing of Carpathians at that times mainly tenacious and resilient Hucul horses were used. They could transport even 150 kg on their backs in difficult mountain conditions.
In all museum there is inconspicuosly present a story of the president Masaryk who liked to visit Topoľčianky. He used to travel there by train from Bratislava. Black two-seat coupé used to wait on him at the railway station - elegant carriage that is one of the most admired exhibits. Museum is also proud of presidential bootjack with initials of the first president. It is a wooden stand in which you lean the heel and then you pull. Since riding boots are very firm. According to the board at museum’s entrance museum was from times of Masaryk visited almost by every president. Except for Václav Havel.

National Stud Farm