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Kravany nad Dunajom

Village is in written sources mentioned in 1245 as property of nobility. During Turkish invasion it was destroyed completely. The Church of Virgin Mary was built before the half of the 13th century. Traditional orientation of sacral building with sanctuary facing east is slightly deviated to the north. Rectangular nave in ground plan is on north-eastern part terminated with apse in form of horseshoe. Matroneum is situated in the western part of nave.

The consequence of destroying of the village during Turkish wars and uprisings of estates was that church felt in ruin. According to documentation of architectonical-historical research of the Church of Virgin Mary in Kravany nad Dunajom (authors: Ivan Gojdič, Peter Hudák, Peter Buday, 2014) the church went through three Baroque reconstructions in the course of the 18th century: sacristy was additionaly built, current matroneum replacing the supposed older one was realized, original south-eastern entrance portal was walled up and the new one was created on south-western facade, reconstructed with cut gable, new Baroque windows were created and restorations of surface of walls in interior were realized. In the 20th century exterior was restored with rough plasters, roof frame and covering were replaced.

Besides Romanesque disposition of single-nave church with apse also two slot windows in apse’s wall attest the oldest stage, one situated in church’s axis facing the north-east, the second is oriented to the east.