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The first written reference to village is from 1276. Hebech was property of local Démendy family and until Turkish wars it was owned by several families. The parish and church consecrated to the Virgin Mary are mentioned in the years 1332-1337. Existence of Romanesque church is supposed mainly on the basis of written sources. During restoration research one row of cuboidal stone masonry with precise pairing was uncovered in eastern part of northern wall, followed by brick masonry with spreaded mortar.

It is possible to presuppose, also on the basis of this finding, that in core of Late Gothic church, built of quarry stone, remains of its Romanesque predecessor can be found.

Current Late Gothic single-nave church, with sanctuary on the east terminated with flat polygonal closure, could be built in the span of the end of the 15th century and the 1st third of the 16th century.

Reconstruction of church was realized also in the period of Baroque - northern wall was statically reinforced with halving, layer of stone masonry was supported by dense network of long oak pegs. Church’s renovated facade presents its Late Gothic look.