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Romanesque church probably from the half of the 12th century is for the first time mentioned in writing in 1242.

Originally Catholic church was consecrated to God’s heart. It belongs to Reformed Church from 1655. Church is built using old Roman technique using diamond-shaped stone with brick masonry covered with mortar (opus reticulatum). Internal filling of the wall is poured into formwork created with use of stone blocks. .

Romanesque substance of church is formed by nave that on eastern side continues to semicircular sanctuary vaulted by concha, illuminated by eastern and south-eastern window. Western side was enclosed by matroneum, originally tower was built above it.

Architectonical segmentation formed by lesene frames with round frieze is partially preserved on exterior facade of sanctuary.

Tower destroyed by fire was in 1883 replaced by the current one, building was reinforced with supporting pillars. Mural paintings uncovered during fire were consequently whitewashed.

In the years 1931-1932 Václav Mencl realized a research and characterized it as the most ancient building of former Tekov and Hont county and one of the oldest buildings in Slovakia.
Restoration followed, during which these findings were applied and set systematic approach is still visible on the monument. Roman masonry with removed plasters represents example of tectonic function of stone material, Baroque annexes - supporting pillars and tower are distinguished by plastered surface.