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Written sources from the middle of the 13th century document existence of Benedictine abbey in village of Čajakovo. Monastery fell into disrepair in the 16th century, but it kept title of abbey yet in the 17th century. Monasterial church was in the 18th century rebuilt during more stages in Baroque style. Its original Romanesque substance got lost in newer architectonical expression.

During World War II. detonation damaged the western part of church with outside tower.

Complex research and restoration of church have not been realized. Romanesque construction stage is characterized by three-nave disposition, divided by half-arched arcades reaching to pillars, that indicates architectonical segmentation of vault fields - bays. Three naves are from western side shortened by one bay and facade, that in Romanesque period probably had two towers.

Gable wall of newly built western facade with system of profiled pillars indicates structural segmentation of basilica’s system of supporting walls (walls of main nave used to be higher, those of side naves lower).

Romanesque part of church is formed by two apses of lateral naves on eastern side that have semicircular ground plan and scarcement triumphal arches.