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Malé Kosihy

The oldest written reference to village is from 1248. Originally Romanesque rotunda was built from stone blocks in area of fortified medieval castle in the 12th century. At the turn of the 18th and 19th century new longitudinal nave was added to rotunda from western side that was by builders connected with separately standing Romanesque tower and thus one complex was created. Tower was renovated in period Classicist style so building’s medieval origin is nowadays hardly visible.

Round rotunda is today church’s sanctuary and the original sanctuary is used as sacristy.

Original sanctuary has unusual architectonical solution consisting in connection to rotunda with quadratic choir with barrel vault, terminated with flat semicircular apse with concha. Exterior of original sanctuary has simple quadratic shape.

Romanesque construction stage is confirmed by two extant slot windows on rotunda’s southern side and one on apse’s eastern side.

Rotunda’s interior is divided by high blind arcades, with sedilia with semicircular niche on northern and southern side.

Part of historical inscription from the 17th century is uncovered in original sanctuary.