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Jur nad Hronom

Village is in literature mentioned for the first time in 1276 - Sanctus Georgius. Romanesque church with matroneum comes from the 2nd quarter of the 13th century. Church used to consist of central nave with flat ceiling, semicircular apse vaulted by concha and western matroneum with tower.

Sacristy was additionally built to southern wall of church in the 18th century, along with three Baroque windows in southern wall and window in nave’s northern wall.

Romanesque church was in 1937 extended by nave, sanctuary and sacristy after removal of southern Romanesque wall, and thus also Baroque sacristy was removed. Also Václav Mencl participated on rebuilding.

In 1985 renovation in the extent of superficial reconstructions was realized (reconstruction of facades, painting of interior), but research wasn’t done.

All original material, except for southern wall, got preserved from original single-nave Romanesque church.

Semicircular apse is connected to nave on eastern side with scarcement triumphal arch. Romanesque window with slanted parapet illuminates it from south-eastern side. Eastern window is indicated in exterior plaster, in interior it is indicated with interrupted crown moulding.

Original brick matroneum has three vault bays, it is separated from nave by arcade sitting on two monumental pillars. Four-sided tower rises above central bay of matroneum, in exterior divided in two floors, on both there is situated biforia window from all sides.

Table is fixed on western gable wall with years: 1499,1937,1987. Year 1499 is situated on facade in bend between apse and northern wall. Given the absence of researches it is not possible to responsibly state what is connected with this year.