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The oldest reference to church comes from the 1st third of the 13th century when brick Church of St. Cross was situated in village. Church originally consisted of short, almost squared nave with matroneum and semicircular apse.

Church was in 1935 extended by annexe built across Romanesque nave, herewith northern and southern wall of original nave vanished. Church got new orientation in north-south direction and new entrance on southern side of annexe. .

Western part of Romanesque church is preserved in substance of matroneum with three arcade arches supported by two pillars. Western Romanesque wall is by entrance divided into Romanesque nave, above which there is situated trio of modern windows.

Romanesque apse serves today as a side chapel. Extant original material on eastern side is formed by gable wall with semicircular apse vaulted with concha, illuminated by round window on eastern side and window on southern side, created later.

Apse’s exterior walls were around all perimeter segmented with round frieze rising from foundations up to height of the round window. Round frieze was damaged probably during facade’s restoration in 1970s.

Analogous segmentation of facade is preserved in apse in Veľké Chyndice. Crypt of territorial lord was discovered under church, burgled yet at times of Turkish wars. Period of its origin is unknown.