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District of Nitra, town of Nitra

This originally Late Baroque palace building was built as a respectable residence of Nitra County and also in effort to protect entrance to the Upper town. It got its current look during extensive rebuilding in period between 1903 and 1908, when it was reconstructed in Art Nouveau style according to the project of V. Czigler. The building has four wings, three floors on front facade, extended by annexe with underpass reaching to Horný Palánok (remains of anti-Turkish fortification).

Facade’s front is decorated and in the middle, above main entrance to building, there is coat of arms of former Nitra County.

Currently the building is seat of Nitra Gallery that is a specialized cultural institution. Its mission is to collect, to process in scientific way, to administrate in professional way, to protect, use and present works of all disciplines of visual art of the 20th and the 21st century in Districts of Nitra, Topoľčany, Zlaté Moravce and Šaľa. Collection fund consists of approximately 4.400 pieces of collection objects.

In the building there are also representational premises of the Nitra Self-Governing Region Authority and it is a residence of several private companies. Actually object undergoes a general reconstruction of interiors. Building of former County house encloses courtyard that was until recently meeting place of Literary club of Janko Jesenský, established near Gallery in 1990. Today, after objects’s reconstruction, the tradition of similar cultural meetings comes back to life, e.g. folk evenings during the event Nitra’s cultural summer (Nitrianske kultúrne leto).

On the building there is a memorial plaque in honour of writer and poet, national artist Janko Jesenský, who worked here in 1923-1927 as district governor of Nitra. On the building’s corner a memorial plaque is fixed with relief of Dr Ľudovít Ďuriš, Nitra’s native and ex-director of Slovak Philharmonic. On building there is a bronze board with brief description of cultural monument.

Town Palce (County house)
Nitra Information System
Štefánikova 1
949 01  Nitra
Tel.: 037/7410906, 16186