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District of Nitra, town of Nitra - Upper town

It is the second biggest monumental palace architecture in Upper town in historicist style, built in 1876-1844. Its construction was merit of bishop A. Roškoványi. It is a two-floor building built in shape of “U” on older foundations. Entrance portal is highlighted with balcony and two supporting columns.

In front of object’s entrance gate there are: ON THE RIGHT: Coat of arms of bishop Palugyay with text: “Gloria aeterna praesuli Emerico Palugyay, Qui Haec Atria Insigni e Zelo posito Legato, iuventuti ecdclesiasticae Institui Iussit” /Eternal glory to bishop Imrich Palugyay, who commissioned to establish these premises of his excellent devotion leaving capital needed for purposes of clerical youth/. ON THE LEFT: Coat of arms of bishop Roškoványi with text: “Honoris gratisci praesulis Augustini Roškoványi Devoveor Qui aedes has, virtuti scienciisque sacras singulari pietate et zelo aperuit Iuvenesque levitas favore charitate ac tutela prosecutus perbenigne iuvit” / I consecrate (board) in honour of grateful bishop Augustin Roškoványi, who with his unique devotion and ardour opened this building consecrated to virtue and sciences and helped to accompany young clerics with grace, love and kind protection/.

These coats of arms with inscriptions emphasize building’s mission that hasn’t changed to these times. Building still serves as Priestly seminary of St. Gorazd in Nitra of Roman-Catholic Faculty of Theology of Cyril and Methodius of Comenius University in Bratislava.

Nitra Information System
Štefánikova 1
949 01  Nitra
Tel.: 037/7410906, 16186