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District of Nitra, town of Nitra - Upper town

The biggest monumental palace building in Upper town. Big diocese library is situated in the building. Building of seminary was commissioned by bishop Gustíny, last bishop - district governor of Nitra, in 1764 up to 1770, in Late Baroque style.

Building is located on the corner of Samova and Východná street, front facade is oriented to Samova street. In 1877-1878 the back wing in Neoclassicist style was added, with front facade oriented towards Lower town, so the bulding gained four wings with internal courtyard. Simultaneously the facade of side wing on Východná street was reconstructed in Neo-Renaissance style in order to correspond with monumental character of the new wing.

Construction of back wing was projected by Viennese architect F. Schmidt and it was directed by archbishop’s builder J. Lippert. Two-storey front facade has a middle portal avant-corps terminated with gable wall and two lateral avant-corps with attic gable superstructure decorated with vases. Balustrade attic with statues is on sides of triangular gable of the middle avant-corps. Ground part of facade is divided with bossage and it has simple windows with forged convex iron bars. Facade of the floor, divided by cordon moulding is segmented with lesene framing in which big windows with richly cut pediments are fixed above windows. Front facade of back wing has a dominant avant-corps separated by columns with big palladian window. Inscription „Virtuti et scientae“is situated on architrave of triangular gable.

Rooms with stucco ceilings and cavetto were partially preserved in interior. In chapel there is a mural painting from the 2nd half of the 18th century from author who painted fresco of St. Cecile in cathedral.

(Source:  Súpis pamiatok na Slovensku II. Bratislava, 1968.)

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