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District of Nitra, town of Nitra - Upper town

Construction of Classicist palace building was commissioned by Jozef Kluch for canons in the years 1818-1821. Later it was partially reconstructed in Empire style. It is a two-storey building with rectangular ground plan with right-angled annexe in courtyard. Entrance gate is copy of the gate of Zobor’s monastery that does not exist anymore.

Above entrance gate there is an ornamental motive of coat of arms carried by two angels / author of the original coat of arms, later damaged, is academic sculptor Vavrinec Dunajský, current relief was made by academic sculptor J. Bartfay/.

On the corner of the house in Hradná and Východná street there is a statue of Atlas bearing corner of the first floor from academic sculptor Vavrinec Dunajský of Ľubietová from 1820. Statue of Nitra’s Atlas, commonly called “Corgoň”, is connected to legend that describes “Corgoň” as a powerful blacksmith who protected Upper town during Turkish invasion. Legend says that he was throwing huge rocks directly on rushing Turks with his potent hands.

Kanónia (U Corgoňa)

Nitra Information System
Štefánikova 1
949 01  Nitra
Tel.: 037/7410906, 16186