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Komárno, located on the Danube River and Váh River junction in between the 108-115 metres above mean sea level, is one of the oldest settlements the Carpathian basin and a town with rich history. Its location and geomorphologic development in an advantageous climate set a solid foundation and created a potential for agricultural utilisation of the land. The region has long-lasting growing season, which allows for cultivation of highly demanding crops and plants. The town is the southernmost and the lowermost located city in Slovakia.

Flat lowlands are diversified by countless Black Locust tree forests, rich in nectar, willow and poplar woods near the rivers, and smallish sand hills in the north-eastern area of the region.

The town of Komárno lies, for the most part, on a plane level. The altitude of the region varies from 100 to 270 metres above mean sea level. The town was ever since the Late Bronze Age continuously occupied by Celts, later Romans, even Avars used to settle in from time to time. Komárno endured the Ottoman colonisation attempts and raids, and Napoleon War. Prosperous villages near Komárno and its surroundings, life and works of renowned individuals, deeply tied with the town, are documented in the exposition in Podunajské múzeum in Komárno, exhibited in the Palace of Zichy.

The City of Komárno in pictures

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