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Levice has an advantageous geographical location; largest part of the town lies on the Hron drainage basin, but its north and east end was built on slopes and moderately undulated hills of Ipeľ upland. The geographical altitude in the centre of the old town is 163 metres above mean sea level, but is between 152-273 metres above mean sea level in the region as such. The surrounding environment falls within the mild dry climate with the average year temperatures of 9.5°C.

Many archeological artefacts found in the region, like old house foundations, burial sites, stone and bone tools, and clay pottery shards show that the Levice region was constantly inhabited since The Neolithic Period. First written mention of Levice comes from 1156.

There are several endangered tree species growing in the city. On Námestie Hrdinov (Square of the Heroes) you can find the Paulownia tomentosa tree, the Horse chestnut trees grow in front of the Business Academy and on the local cemetery there’s a whole alley of these chestnut trees. There is a total of over 800 Horse chestnut trees in the region.

You can read about the seven wonders of Levice district in the article: Seven Wonders of Levice

The City of Levice in pictures

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