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Extremely favorable climatic conditions put the area of town between the driest, warmest, but the most fertile regions of Slovakia. The territory of the region lies on the Danube lowland of height 119 m.a.s.l.

Through the region of Nové Zámky flow the rivers Danube, Hron, Nitra, Žitava, Ipeľ and marginally Vah as well. Since they flow through this territory in the lower flows they affect water management relations of the district only slightly. The territory of the Danube lowland is drained in the district by the river Vah, Nitra, Žitava, Hron, Ipeľ and Danube. Besides these rivers is in the district several smaller streams, such as streams Paríž, Chrenovka and Cabaj stream.

The composition of flora and fauna is affected by topography and climate, thus by marshes, peat bogs, sandbanks, forest-steppes and floodplain forests. There are also rare species of invertebrates, mollusks, reptiles and birds. Similarly, there are rare species of salt-loving, thermophilic and xerophilous plants. In the district are 48 kinds of legally protected plants.

Nové Zámky town in pictures

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