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Šaľa town belongs to medium-sized towns in Slovakia. It became famous thanks to the findings of a Neanderthal forehead bone, which is 45 to 60,000 years old. Its replica is stored in the Archaeological Museum near leisure center of Šaľa. The first written mention of the settlement under the name Terra Wag is preserved in Appendix of founding treaty of Panonhalm Abbey from 1002, issued by the Hungarian King Stephen I. Šaľa gained the status of a town in 1536. The favorable location, the proximity of the river Vah, and the fact that Šaľa lied at the intersection of "Česká cesta" and route from Nitra to Bratislava, had predestined its development in the next centuries. Today is thanks to the company Duslo, a.s. a center of the chemical industry. Also the agricultural character remained preserved.

Some of the most Influential individuals that were renowned for their active interest and involvement in regional matters were: Archbishop of Esztergom, Peter Pázmáň (1570-1637), designer and builder Ján Feketeházy (1842-1927) and popular writer Joseph Sellyei - Miškovič (1909-1941). Folk Dwelling House, Church of st. Margaret of Antioch, Renaissance manor-house (now the residence of the State Archive of Bratislava, branch in Šaľa) are interesting historical monuments which are worth visiting.

Tourism in the region of Šala is built on the usage of thermal water springs.

Thermal pool Diakovce belongs to the largest and the oldest tourist facilities around the Šaľa town. In the town is located an area of thermal swimming pool, which has at the source water at 65 °C. This thermal water has beneficial effects on the locomotor system. In the area are situated swimming pool, accommodation and catering facilities, various playgrounds and sports equipment rental.

Near the village Kráľová nad Váhom is the river Vah barred about 4 km from Šaľa. There's a big, versatile usable recreational water area with a length of about 12 km and a width of about 2 km. There are opportunities for swimming, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and fishing. Near this village is a children's farm - HUMANITA, which offers an examination of more than 20 species of animals, the possibility of riding ponies and horses.

To the protected areas in vicinity belong: Bábske jazero, Selice, Vlčany; Bystré jazierko a Čierne jazierko, Tešedíkovo; Jahodnianske jazierko, Neded. One of the attractions in the region is an opportunity to use the river ferry on the river Vah near Vlčany.

Šala town in pictures

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