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The Ancient Topoľčany can be rightfully proud of the rich history it has to offer. Since ages it formed a natural part of Slovak history. Right here is the oldest known cave settlement in Slovakia, right here was found the first evidence of using a script of Central European Slavs, right here in the dense forests of Považský Inovec is hidden the oldest freestanding rotunda in Slovakia and right here, in this ancient region was located one of the most important power centers of Great Moravia. The magic of the region is also in a seemingly meaningless churches and manor houses, which hide valuable artifacts, such as a rich collection of Appony library or rare ancient frescoes and altars in its interior conceals. Equally eye-catching are the romantic ruins of castles Oponice and Topoľčany, which rises as silent guardians over the region and visiting it leaves you with not only a deep impression, but also many pleasant memories.

Meet the various folk customs and traditions that shape unique folklore and the atmosphere of the picturesque region of Topoľčany. Visit some of the non-traditional events such as the opening of the swimming season of hardy people, opening of the motorist season and competition in cooking goulash on Ranč pod Babicou, an exhibition of unconventional vessels or come to golden autumn forests near Oponice castle where the cheerful melody of harps and flutes, wide smelling culinary specialties and a loud clatter of weapons during the Middle Ages on the Oponice castle will surely boost your mood.

It's worth mentioning the traditional Topoľčany fairs, whose tradition dates all the way back to the medieval times, or the wine festivals accompanied by a rich cultural program, samples of folk crafts, tasting of traditional delicacies and of course, fine wines and Federweisser.

Deep forests of Tribeč and Považský Inovec look pleasantly quiet, but they hide treasures like the oldest cave settlement in Slovakia, cave Čertova pec, or impressive observation towers on Marhát and Panonská javorina, which offer wide landscape views, that will leave you breathless. Supposedly we can find only one rival to these views and it's view of the region Topoľčany from bizarre cliffs of Veľká skala, where you can see a Nitra river valley, interwoven with intricate paths and yellow fields of grain. If you belong to the lovers of nature, you will surely be delighted by a pleasant walk through the nature trail called Duchonka - Kulháň, which will raise your interest in outlying forest and gives you the opportunity to feel the beauty and peace that reigns in this picturesque corner of the region.

Topoľčany region is a diverse place full of many temptations and attractions that make it a great location for leisure.

Your kids will like a visit to the Ranč nad Babicou and its Mini-zoo, which is located in a beautiful quiet area in the village Bojná. Adults can enjoy undisturbed fishing with possibility to grill your own haul. During hot summer days you will certainly enjoy a visit to the open air swimming pools in Topoľčany. During your visit, you can have fun on the slides, or use the volleyball courts, table tennis tables, and football pitch or tennis courts. Is your desire to go out somewhere with friends? Wine bar Vineria offers pleasant sitting with a glass of wine. In a tasting cellar right under the square of Topoľčany you can enjoy a pleasant intimate atmosphere, which is perfect for romantic meetings, as well as family gatherings or meetings with friends.

Whether you decided to visit historical monuments, cultural events, natural beauties, or wide range of attractions, Topoľčany region is a place that will definitely entertain you and will offer you a holiday full of extraordinary experiences and skills.

Topoľčany town in pictures

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