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The town was founded at the confluence of the river Žitava and Hostiansky Potok / Zlatnianky / at the intersection of three major geological and geomorphological units - core mountain range zone of the inner Western Carpathians / Tribeč /, neo-volcanic mountains of the Inner Western Carpathians / Pohronský Inovec / and Pannonian Basin represented by Danubian Lowland. The town belongs to the warm and moderately warm climate: the average annual temperature is 9.46 °C; an average annual precipitation is 582 mm.

Janko Kráľ - poet of Štúr generation

The city was the home of Janko Kráľ - a poet of Štúr generation. The tribute to the Janko Kráľ was an unveiling of a memorial plaque on the house on the street Janka Kráľa in 1966, renaming the former grammar school to 'Československé štátne reálne gymnázium Janka Kráľa' in 1919 and on the 150th anniversary of the birth of the poet in 1972 renaming it to current 'Gymnázium Janka Kráľa'. Also, naming the park to 'Park Janka Kráľa' with his bust and a monument built in 1962, authored by the academic sculptor Ján Kulich.