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Slovenské elektrárne, company of Enel group opened the most modern infocenter on energy - Energoland Mochovce. It is equipped with the newest interactive and visualization technologies that will give you an idea of attractive story of energy from Big bang to near future.

In Energoland there are 33 interactive sections awaiting you, guided by virtual guide Gaia. Right at the building entrance you will get to know your energy on large-sized thermal mirror and you can measure it during race on interactive LED floor. You will pump energy during short 3D film The Energy Odyssey. Time machine will show you what types of energy were used by mankind in the past and how big discoveries influenced increase of population. In watty exposition you can charge virtual cell phone with your own energy and you will learn how much energy is needed for operation of appliances - from cell phone to space shuttle.

We have several thematic PC games for you: in Blackout your task is to supply town with energy and to avoid breakdown of network. Energopolis is a strategic game objective of which is to build a city and to ensure necessary energy for its operation. Another attraction is super motocycle on which you can travel from past to near future.

Part of exposition is dedicated to nuclear power engineering. There is also special „inflatable“, first of a kind in the world that presents containment - protective coat of nuclear power plant. Here you will get information on nanoworld of atoms, invisible ionizing radiation, nuclear power plants or radioactive waste, and also about phenomenon of global warming and carbon footprint we are leaving on the Earth.

If you download the Energoland app to your smartphone, you can discover also virtual world of extended reality.

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