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Car transport

In Nitra Self-governing Region car transport can use dense network of roads both between districts and international routes.

The most important is road „E 571“ included in network of highways as R1, part of which are 1st class roads I/65 (route Nitra - Banská Bystrica) and I/51 (route Nitra - Vráble - Levice - Krupina). Other 1st class roads are I/63 (route Ostrihom - Štúrovo - Komárno - Bratislava) connected to I/76 (route Štúrovo -Želiezovce - Tlmače - Žiar nad Hronom), I 64 (route Komárom - Komárno - Nové Zámky - Nitra - Topoľčany - Prievidza)

Important are also roads I/75 ( route Šaľa – Nové Zámky – Levice – Tekovské Lužany) and I/66, that is part of European road E77 included in network of highways as planned highway R3.


Bus transport


Bus transport in the Nitra Self-governing Region has dense network of lines connecting villages and towns in county as well as towns with other Slovak towns and towns abroad. Regular public bus transport is then divided in four levels:

City public transport – regular transport in all bigger towns of the county

Regional line transport – regular transport within the county

Domestic line transport – regular transport within Slovakia

International line transport – regular transport to selected towns and localities abroad

All towns in county are interconnected within regular transport and direct lines connect them also with bigger towns in Slovakia. Intensity of bus connections of Nitra with Bratislava is every 30 minutes during whole day from 05:00 to 21:30.

Also county town of Nitra is directly connected with some towns abroad by regular lines, as for example Vienna, Prague, Bonn, Berlin, London, Paris, Brusel or Bern. Overview of some cities connected with Nitra by regular bus lines is in the following list:

The Czech Republic
Prague, České Budejovice, Hradec Králové, Jihlava, Liberec, Mladá Boleslav, Pardubice, Plzeň, Brno, Zlín

Bonn, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Dortmund, Erfurt, Franfurkt n.M, Köln, Kalrsuhe, Mönchengladbach, Mannheim, Mainz, Munchen, Nürnberg, Stuttgart

Bern, Geneve, Lausanne, Zürich, St. Gallen, Basel

Brussels, Gent, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Luxembourg

Great Britain
London, Dover


Paris, Strasbourg, Metz, Reims

Railway transport

Railway transport ensures in the Nitra Self-governing Region accessibility to all bigger cities and villages. Also most of tourist destinations are well available. According to their importance, railway lines can be divided into those of international, nationwide, supraregional and regional importance.

Direct international route connects Nové Zámky with Bratislava, Prague, Berlin, Kraków, Warsaw, Budapest and Belgrade.

The most important railway station is Nové Zámky, where all the most important railway routes are crossing. Another important railway station is Šurany having a direct connection with Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Prešov and Košice. Also railway station in Nitra has direct connection with Bratislava.


Air transport

Airport Nitra - Janíkovce

The international airport Nitra - Janíkovce (ICAO abbreviation LZNI) lies approximately 3 km to the south from Nitra, next to Municipality of Janíkovce.
Airport is at 135 m above sea level, there is available grass take-off area and landing runway oriented in direction of 150/330 degrees. Runway is about 1200 m long and it is adapted for operation of airplanes up to maximum take-off weight of 5600 kg. Airport’s information frequency is 123.4 MHz.

Airport is operated by Aeroklub Nitra. Beside the club also by two other companies: Aero Slovakia (aeronautical works) and Aeropro (producer of ultralight airplanes Eurofox). Airport provides services of customs inspection and passport control for international arrivals after ordering it in advance.

Airport visitors have a possibility to rest using outdoor swimming pool, volleyball and tennis court. Aeroklub Nitra offers at the airport accomodation in new quintuple prefabricated housing units with common sanitary facilities or in camping with electric connections.

There are regularly held various aircraft events like races of gliders, training courses and workshops or aircraft days at the airport. Airport was a place of such an important events as 26th International Vintage Glider Rally in 1998, 3rd FAI The Junior World Gliding Championship in 2003, 13th FAI European Gliding Championship in 2005 or annually organized, the biggest, gliding competition in the world - Pribina Cup.

Source: Aeroklub Nitra

Letisko Nitra
Dlhá 108
94907 Nitra
Tel.: 00421 37 65 61 251, 00421 37 73 34 805
Fax.: 00421 37 65 61 251

Ship transport

Ship transport in the Nitra Self-governing Region is ensured through water roads. There are two international water roads on the territory of the county - on Danube and Váh.

There are three harbours in the Nitra Self-governing Region - in Komárno, Štúrovo and Šaľa. Also harbour in Patince may serve for personal transport.