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The Nitra Region belongs to the warmest and at the same time the most dry areas in Slovakia. Surroundings of Štúrovo in Danube Lowland are the warmest place of Slovakia with average annual temperature of 10,4 °C. Danube Lowland gets most hours of sunshine, but the least amount of precipitations (Iža 529 mm). North-western air flowing prevails. Average temperature in January is - 1°C až - 4°C, average temperature in July is more than 18-20 °C, average annual amount of precipitations is 550 – 700 mm. Mountains belong to the zone with warm temperate, mildly humid and mild winter.

Nitra Region is proud of some geographical and natural The Bests

Nitra Region’s axis is formed by river Nitra flowing in north-southern direction. Besides Danube also Váh has been made navigable in territory of the region. Region’s particularity are healing thermal hot springs and thermal swimming pools built on them in Štúrovo, Podhájska, Diakovce, Levice, Nové Zámky, Komárno, Patince or Santovka. Original forest shelter was slowly transformed in arable land by man’s deforesting and drainage of the territory. From the original vegetation aggregates riparian forests in inundation zone of smaller flows and smaller natural oak forests were preserved in Danubian Lowland. Sand-tolerant flora was preserved on sand dunes, at flooded places in some types of water and marsh. Fauna is represented by biotopes of riparian forests and cultural steppes. Among important species that are living here we should mention white-tailed eagle, Eurasian curlew, gadwall or European crested tit.
Three parts of protected landscape areas (in Slovak abbreviated CHKO) are present on the territory – CHKO Ponitrie, CHKO Štiavnice Mountains and CHKO Dunajské luhy. There are 123 small protected areas in the Nitra Region (4 of them are extended also in other regions), 46 of which are protected areas, 44 are nature reserves, there are 14 national nature reserves and 19 natural sights.

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