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Southern border of district is formed by Danube, to which flows Nitra with Little Danube, Nové Zámky with Žitava, Hron, Sikenica, Štiavnica, Krupinica and Ipeľ. Almost all the district is expanding on Danubian Hills and plain land - parts of Danubian Lowland. This is deforested and rich on groundwater and its surface is not indented at all. Zones along rivers are formed by plain land and lowland, with valleys and hilly areas above them. Mountains are lower, they have more character of an upland. Important is also harbour in Komárno on Danube river.

Mainly southern part of district has rich resources of mineral water and thermal springs. Most frequented by tourists are Štúrovo and Podhájska, exactly because of healing properties of springs. In the area of Levice it is possible to buy mineral water Santovka.