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Tribeč is a geomorphological province belonging to the Fatra-Tatra area. It is a crystalline mountain the core of which consists of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Core’s crystalline envelope consists of sandstone and limestone. Tribeč mountains are almost 50 kilometres long, the widest point reaches 18 kilometres. It is divided into four sub-units: Zobor, Jelenec, Veľký Tribeč and Rázdiel. The highest mountain of Tribeč is Veľký Tribeč mountain with height of 830 metres a.s.l.

The town of Šaľa is one of the medium-sized towns in Slovakia. It has become known thanks to finding of frontal bone of the Neanderthal man, 46-60 thousands years old. The replica is kept by Archeological Museum near CVČ Šaľa. First written record of settlement under name Terra Wag can be found in Annex to founding charter of Pannonhalma Abbey from 1002, issued by Hungarian king Stephen I.. Šaľa received status of town in 1536. Favourable location, proximity of Váh river, but also fact that Šaľa lied on junction of „Czech road“ and road from Nitra towards Bratislava predetermined its development in following centuries. Today it is a centre of chemical industry thanks to Duslo, a. s. company, also its agricultural culture was kept.

Danubian Hills is the biggest province in Slovakia occupying Northern and North-Eastern part of Danubian Lowland. Hilly relief is prevailing there, but significant areas are occupied also by plain, mainly alongside rivers Váh, Nitra, Žitava, Hron and Ipeľ. Relief’s altitude is from 110 metres to 300 up to 350 metres. v.

The district of Levice

The district of device hides countless interesting places. Seven wonders of the Levice district will take you, step-by-step, on a tour around the historical monuments and buildings with immense importance to this area. Seven wonders of the today’s world will show you the places that you should not miss on your way through the region in order to get a profound experience of the local community and history. Welcome to Levice.

Štiavnica Mountains is the biggets mountain of volcanic origin in Slovakia. They belong to the area of Slovak Central Mountains of Internal Western Carpathians. They consist predominantly of andesites, rhyolites and pyroclastic rocks. Formation of indented mountain relief was caused by uneven lifting of single plates and by intensive erosion and denudation. Conspicuous forms with steep hillsides are bonding with lava currents and volcanic rocks.

Pohronský Inovec belongs to the area of Slovak Central Mountains. It is of volcanic origin, consists of andesites and rhyolites. Regressive erosion in mountain range cut only edge fault hillsides, in central and north-western part the surface maintained form of plateau with rolling land up to highlands. The highest mountain of Pohronský Inovec is Veľký Inovec mountain with height of 901 m.a.s.l..

Levice District

Levice District hides numerous places of interest. Seven historical wonders of Levice District will guide you through historical sights and monuments that are important for this district. Seven up to date wonders will show you the most remarkable contemporary sights you shouldn’t miss during your visit of this district. Welcome in Levice.