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Tribeč is a geomorphological province belonging to the Fatra-Tatra area. It is a crystalline mountain the core of which consists of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Core’s crystalline envelope consists of sandstone and limestone. Tribeč mountains are almost 50 kilometres long, the widest point reaches 18 kilometres. It is divided into four sub-units: Zobor, Jelenec, Veľký Tribeč and Rázdiel. The highest mountain of Tribeč is Veľký Tribeč mountain with height of 830 metres a.s.l.

Forests in Tribeč are mainly oak-hornbeam mixed with beech. In the mountain there is relatively extensive network of marked hiking trails, substantial part of the mountain is formed by Ponitrie Protected Landscape Area. There are two types of landscape in Tribeč – not colonized mountainous afforested part and foothills afforested upland with enclaves of forest-steppes with concentrated and secluded settlement structure. The biggest part of Tribeč mountain lies in the Nitra Self-governing Region.

(Source: loosely according to tourist map Tribeč, Pohronský Inovec - Topoľčianky, VKÚ Harmanec)