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Mission of tourist clubs is to perform interest activities in tourism, alpine tourism, cyclotourism, water tourism, skiing and other activities connected with camping and stays in nature and to create better conditions for tourism. It associates members that have interest in active participation on excursions and tourism and such to develop its potential. Clubs help members to get more possibilities for their touristic interests and to ensure them better accessibility to given destinations and places of their interest.

Main points of interest and activity of Tourist clubs:: 

1. Representing interests of tourists
2. Ensuring development of individual types of tourism according to interest of members
3. Leading members to protect nature
4. Collaboration with organizations supporting tourism
5. Organization of meetings, lectures and expositions related to tourism and protection of nature.  

Turisticko-športový klub Bukvica (Tourist-sports club Bukvica)

Club is a voluntary, non-profit, non-politic, non-religious organization focused on intensification of relation to sports activities.

Club is a citizen association primary activity of which are sports activities associated in tourist club, marine yachting club and winter sports club. Besides it organizes also other sports activities that increase physical condition and improve health of individuals, provides consulting and within sports events it brings people closer to interesting places connected to history of Slovakia.

Občianske združenie Cedron klub (Citizen association Cedron club)

Club operates in Municipality of Svätoplukovo and it was established on 25. 11. 2010. Cedron club is a citizen association operating in field of sports (mainly volleyball and running) in the microregion of Cedron.

Cedron club association is group of mainly volleyball, but step by step also running enthusiasts from the region of Cedron (7 villages including the biggest Cabaj-Čápor, Mojmírovce and Svätoplukovo), that have decided to take patronage over the then informal enthusiasm with citizen association that already from its establishment organizes many events during all year. Annually realizes more than 150 volleyball trainings, 9 volleyball tournaments and each year organizes also Cedron Run always in other village of the region. Of course, they are always happy to help and collaborate with other entities, either villages or other non-profit organizations.

Nitriansky horský spolok (Nitra Mountain Club)

Nitra Mountain Club is a citizen association of people interested in activities in nature (alpine tourism, skialpinism, tourism, cyclotourism, mountain climbing, etc.) under the auspices of Slovenský vysokohorský turistický spolok (Slovak Alpine Tourism Club). It is a non-politic and non-profit organization. Club has approved articles of association. Some of main objectives and activity directions of the association are active participation on protection of nature and on its improvement. The founding general meeting was held in presence of eight founding members on 20 May 2005. Association is an open club and it will be glad to welcome new people who love nature and activity in it.

Cyklo-turistický klub Levice (Cyclo-tourist club Levice)

Club is in town of Levice and supports mainly cyclotourism. Main objective is to develop tourism in given region and surroundings. If you are interested feel free to contact club on 0908 179 453, or directly in office located at the address Čsl. Armády 6.