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District of Topoľčany, Municipality of Bojná

Middle parts of valleys of Váh and Nitra with mountains of Považský Inovec and Strážov Mountains used to belong to Carpathia Basin to settlement enclaves that made a strong record in history of the country from its origin sometimes in the course of Earlier Stone Age. Many monuments left by thousands of years lasting settlement are known thank to archeologists. Many of old settlements, graves or soil fortifications are still hidden and protected by the soil and they are still awaiting to be discovered.

Researches in Bojná have brought many new findings. A new power and economic headquarters, having boom at the beginning of the 9th century, were identified. In fortified settlement there was found a high number of precious objects, many weapons, iron shackles, women decorations or men jewels.

The most important discoveries in Bojná are monuments from the period of Early Christianity - set of gold-plated relief memorial tablets and bronze bell, as well as two other damaged bells. Gold-plated plaques are most probably coming from portable altar. Short Latin texts on these memorial plaques are first documents of use of the writing at Slavs in Central Europe.

Beside mentioned gold-plated plaques and bell also other objects were found in fortified settlement Valy near Bojná, as various craftsman tools, agricultural tools, househould objects as door fitting, keys, basket rings and also military objects, grzywna - Slovak means for payment, as well as different kinds of jewels. Found objects give evidence that fortified settlement Valy near Bojná was already in the 9th century important production, business and missionary centre.