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District of Komárno, town of Kolárovo

The last extant water mill in territory of Slovakia floats with dignity under crowns of patulous poplars and willow trees on quiet surface of Little Danube. At the beginning of the 20th century there were plenty of them on our flows. They were forming inseparable atmosphere on water of Dunaj or Váh. Millstones of these peculiar wooden giants having a weight of several tons were twisting during whole season, anchored in the middle of the strongest flow of the river, milling hardly grown grain.

River Danube, District of Komárno, town of Komárno

Yacht club is situated in Komárno next to railway bridge crossing river Danube. Yacht club offers accomodation in sports hotel, parking of sports-touritic crafts at secured parking lot and possibility to ensure delivery of fuel. Restaurant offers a wide selection of meals.

District of Komárno, town of Komárno

Restaurant is situated on river Danube and it is open during all year. In the winter it offers get-together at fireplace, in the summer the outdoor terrace is available. Restaurant is a suitable place for family, friendly or business celebrations and events. Capacity inside, in non-smoking part is 50 places, terrace has 60 seats. You can enjoy traditional meals and fish specialties. Restaurant offers also wide selection of beverages.

District of Levice, Municipality of Kamenín

Place is situated about 2 kilometres from Municipality of Kamenín, behind the bridge crossing river Hron. It is in fact a peninsula, around mainland there is a dead arm of river Hron, connecting with the river at surface. Camp is formed by one huge meadow with a plenty of space for use of tents or even for parking with a caravan. Entrance with a car is allowed and camping is free. Each year there are held concerts and festivals.

District of Nové Zámky, Municipality of Komoča

Oáza camp Komoča is situated on the left shore of river Váh covering area of few hectares. Water and hot sand with pleasant shade of trees create a nice atmosphere for summer moments spent bathing, sunbathing and performing sports. It is a pleasant place also for fishermen and visitors who like walks in nature.

District of Levice, Municipality of Hronovce

River Danube, District of Nové Zámky, town of Štúrovo

FUN Yachting in Štúrovo offers in attractive locality of Slovak flow - river Danube - many occasions how to spend free time. There are possibilities of yachting, skiing after motor boat and driving a jet ski. 5 motor boats and 2 pieces of jet ski are available. You can rent both of them also with experienced captains.

District of Nové Zámky, town of Nové Zámky

Natural reserve Zúgov with water cascades is situated at north-eastern border of town of Nové Zámky. It is a protected landscape area. River is divided in two parts above water cascades, that causes origin of two waterfalls. River is then connected again into one complex and flows alongside eastern and southern town border.

District of Levice, Municipality of Jur nad Hronom

Camp Vodník is situated in Municipality of Jur nad Hronom on the left shore of river Hron, alongside which there are riparian forests with rare species of flora and fauna, popular among tourists, fishermen and hunters. Vodník is a place for paddling, cyclotours and camping. Itoffers services as ship rental and there are pub and restaurant in vicinity.

District of Levice, Municipality of Horná Seč

District of Komárno, town of Komárno

It is situated in town of Komárno in vicinity of thermal swimming pool. In camp area there are showers, sanitary facilities, restaurant, kitchenette, warm and cold water. It offers possibilities for relaxation and sports as cyclotourism, fishing, water sports and various sports playgrounds. There is space for 55 caravans.