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District of Nitra, Municipality of Poľný Kesov

Thermal swimming pool ThermalKesov in Poľný Kesov, 19 km from Nitra, was already in the past a popular summer attraction in wide surroundings. Currently visitors can use 3 outdoor thermal swimming pools surrounded by vast area full of greenery.

District of Nové Zámky, town of Štúrovo

Thermal swimming pool Vadaš is located in the centre of town of Štúrovo and it is the biggest thermal swimming pool in Slovakia with daily capacity of 10.000 visitors.

Temperature of water in pools is around 27-32°C except for sitting pool and whirlpool with temperature of 36°C. Pools contain a healing water that has positive effects mainly on musculoskeletal disorders. The most popular atttraction is pool Lagoon with artificial sea breakers. Naturally, there is a double water slide, trampoline or inflatable slide.

District of Nové Zámky, obec Podhájska

Thermal swimming pool Podhájska is situated 20 km from Nové Zámky, in the north-eastern direction. Swimming pool is in operation during all year.  Swimming pools are filled with strongly mineralised water of salty taste, rich in iodine with healing effects on musculoskeletal, respiratory and skin disorders.

District of Komárno, Municipality of Patince

Patince are situated approximately 17 km from town of Komárno in direction towards Štúrovo, in vicinity of Danube. Recreational area covers the area of almost 27 ha, characteristic is stable and pleasant warm weather in the summer period Thermal spring that rises to the surface directly in the area has a temperature of 27 °C C and it has positive effects on musculoskeletal system.

District of Komárno, town of Komárno

On the 7 January 1967 at 3pm Komárno got a precious gift from the nature - healing thermal water. Group of 20 members of drillers from Gbelce discovered a hot spring in the depth of 1224 metres, of 54 °C with capacity of 17 litres per second. Thermal swimming pool in Komárno is built on an area covering 2,5 ha. It has two active thermal springs with water temperature of 45 °C and 30 °C. This mineral water has positive effects on articular, rheumatic and feminine diseases. They are suitable also for recreational purposes.

District of Levice, town of Levice

Recreational facilities Margita - Ilona lies at the borderline of Danubian Lowland and Štiavnice Hills. The swimming pool is 6 km distant from Levice in direction towards Šahy. The area of swimming pool is formed by four pools, 71 m long water slide, sports grounds, restaurants and buffets. Pools are filled with thermal water with temperature of 25˚C, containing 1 000 mg/l of mineral salts.

District of Levice, Municipality of Santovka

Thermal swimming pool is situated in the Municipality of Santovka in south of Slovakia, 15 km to the south-west from town of Levice. It was reconstructed in 2005. During summer months visitors can use outdoor pools - swimming pool, family pool and children’s pool. Curiosity of Santovka swimming pool are travertine pools (called also Roman) made from natural stone, designated for sitting. Massage waterfalls are situated right above them.

District of Šaľa, Municipality of Diakovce

Thermal swimming pool Diakovce is situated between county towns of Šaľa and Galanta, 4 km distant from the village of Diakovce. Thermal water rises to the surface from the depth of 780 m and on the surface reaches temperature of 38 °C. Swimming pool’s area was divided in two separate objects after 2001. In the area there are pools (big- swimming and children’s), water attractions for children, cottage village, RV camp and tourist hostel.

District of Nové Zámky, town of Nové Zámky

Swimming pool with thermal water, beautiful greenery and flowers is available for everyone who wants to enjoy sunbathing with exercise in the hot weather. It lies at periphery of town of Nové Zámky. You can enter the premises through wooden bridge built across former mill drive of river Nitra. The swimming pool is named after its founder Emil Tatárik, teacher and passionate chess player.

Okres Nové Zámky, obec Tvrdošovce

The Municipality of Tvrdošovce lies 10 km to the north-west from town of Nové Zámky. Swimming pools are filled with pleasantly warm water that has beneficial effects on musculoskeletal diseases and it is very important for regeneration of tired musculature.