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District of Levice, Municipality of Bátovce

Famous water reservoir Lipovina was built in 1968. It is situated in Municipality of Bátovce in District of Levice, on borderline of Danubian Lowland and Štiavnice Hills.

District of Šaľa, Municipality of Kráľová nad Váhom

Water reservoir is situated on Váh river and it is lined by broadleaf forests and fields. In the surroundings of reservoir there are smaller water bodies that are partially remains of arm system of Váh. Water reservoir is intensely used for sports fishing and reacreational-touristic activities. The territory is also an important nesting ground of Black-crowned Night Heron in mixed colony with Grey Heron.

District of Topoľčany, Municipality of Prašice

Duchonka lies 18 km to the nort-west from county town Topoľčany and 4 km from Municipality of Prašice at altitude of 275 m and it is a part of cadaster of Prašice village. Favourable climatic conditions of mountain Považský Inovec and water reservoit itself in birch-pine grove make this territory an attractive place for summer holidays at water, with rich offer of tourism and cyclotourism on marked routes, for mushroom picking, fishing, water sports and summer entertainment with rich offer of sports and cultural activities.

District of Topoľčany, Municipality of Nemečky

Nemečky are situated in the northern part of Nitra Loess Upland at south-eastern foothills of Považský Inovec on upper flow of Chotina. Water reservoir covering an area of 14 ha is situated to the north from the village, it was built as one of the first in the District of Topoľčany. Water reservoir in Nemečky serves mainly to catch tidal waves, for irrigation purposes and also for fish farming. The dam was originally used also for recreational purposes. Nowadays it serves mainly for fishermen.

District of Levice, Municipality of Veľké Kozmálovce

In the Municipality there is a water reservoir interconnected with river Hron and beside other things it ensures utility water for Mochovce nuclear power plant. Water body covers area of 63 ha and it is 2,6 km long. In summer season it serves also for recreational purposes. It offers possibility of water sports and fishing. Also footbaal ground is in the vicinity. There is a pathway around water reservoir used mostly by roller-skaters and cyclists.

District of Topoľčany, protected area Kulháň

VIRIDIS company offers sports fishing in beautiful environment in protected area Kulháň situated in cadaster of Municipality of Zlatníky. Non-traditional area with pond full of trouts. On Kulháň there is a natural restaurant where visitors can catch a fish with their own hands and to grill it. On the way from pond to restaurant they can observe wild boars in the park.

District of Nitra, Municipality of Jelenec

RV camp Jelenec is situated 2 km from Municipality of Jelenec under Tribeč Mountain, between county towns of Nitra and Zlaté Moravce. Cottage area - ATC Jelenec has 20 cottages, 4 to 7-bedded.