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You can get to know wines of local wine-makers during numerous wine festivals, exhibitions, vintage festivals and celebrations of St. Urban, patron of wine-makers, but also directly in wine cellars, usually concentrated on touristically attractive wine routes. There are more festivals in The Nitra Region. If you want to become familiar with country and people this way, be sure to visit some of them.

Wine festival of Strekov (Strekovský vínny festival), known also under name „Free viticultural republic“, is already for years one of the most frequented. It is a rare possibility to taste wines of top quality and to talk to famous producers, hear their opinions and ideas on wine, and this all in one place, in unique atmosphere of vineyards. You will meet people who are producing wine not only using their extraordinary viticultural art, but also using their heart.

Wine festival of Nitra (Nitriansky vínny festival) initiates visitors into the mysteries of wine production and gives them possibility to enter cellars that are only rarely visited by public. It offers wine tasting in almost 150 wine cellars. Unique with their atmosphere are old basement premises that were made accessible in Nitrianske podhradie.

More wine festivals take place in the Nitra Region, for example in Vráble, Topoľčianky or Dvory nad Žitavou. If you feel like, surely visit these celebrations of viticulture and wine-making. Enjoy this drink of kings that is accompanying mankind already from time immemorial.