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History of vine growing and production of wine is reaching to Sumer and ancient Egyptians in the period almost 4.000 years before Christ where the vine came probably from Central Asia and the Caucasus. Reference of vine growing in territory of Slovakia is from the 7th up to 6th century before Christ. Noble varieties of vine were extended also thanks to Romans from which Slovak tribes took over the tradition of cultivating and producing wine. And the first written reference comes exactly from the territory of the Nitra Region. Nitra is mentioned as town rich in vineyards. Benedictine monks living in monastery of St. Hipollyte on Zobor mountain helped to develop wine production.

In the following centuries vineyards and wine form the territory of today’s Slovakia were popular among monarchs. Copious amount of wine was getting also on royal courts. And not only to Great Britain, on the table of Queen Elisabeth, but also to Louis XIV, whose proverbial quote „Vinum regis – rex vinorum“, what can be loosely translated as „The wine of kings – the king of wines“ gives Slovak wines a special flavour of worldwide reputation and hallmark of quality.